Solaris Property development

Solaris logo preview

Solaris build sustainable properties, leveraging the power of solar to create environmentally friendly homes. The star symbol represents energy, power, and light, which align with the concept of solar power.

Developing the brand, creating a new style that has impact and strikes the heart of the audience

Solaris brand guidelines
Solaris icon
Solaris app design
Solaris gradient design
Solaris icon design

The diamond symbol became a central element of the logo. Representing strength and durability, highlighting the precious nature of solar energy as a valuable and sustainable resource.

Homes with clean energy, sustainability, and innovation for the future

Preview of billboard banner design
Preview of tote bag design
Preview of Solaris logo grid
Overview of computer assets
Example of buisiness card design
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Hording banner design
“We were really pleased with the work of FullSphere. Joe and Adam are excellent at what they do and were brilliant at challenging us on our ideas and keeping us on track with the project."
Josh McGuiness Director

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