Kbom Organic Kombucha

Kbom logo

Creating a youthful brand identity that captures the bright and bold flavours of Kbom. Our task was to create a visual experience that embodies their vibrant flavours.

Playful attitude towards Kombucha, which wanted to be reflected in the branding

Sign asset design
Payment processing design
Website design
Card payment design

The design aids those seeking a unique and enjoyable journey into the world of health-conscious beverages.

Creating a website that allows consumers to easily make orders, and learn more about the brand

KBOM sign
Social asset
Checkout design
Checkout design
Checkout design
Social asset
“We love the illustration for each flavour. The team put in a lot of effort, making sure all elements of the brand were considered. We love the final product and have been very impressed with how the team works.”
Laurence Marker Marketing Director

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