Cohere Creative conferences

Preview of Cohere logo

Cohere gathers experts globally to speak at creative conferences. It's bold and unique approach required an alternative branding.

Inspiring creatives, hearing from experts and guest speakers from all around the world

Brand Guidelines

We started by creating a Brand Guidelines, this comprehensive guide outlined everything including the logo, colour, fonts, social and further applications. Everything they needed to take the brand forward.

The brand reflects a large variety of colour, this represents the large variety of work in art and design

Cohere sign
Sign asset design
Payment processing design
Website design
Card payment design

The star logo is based on the idea of two arrows coming together and hitting a meeting point to create an X. X marks the spot and symbolises a location, that location being Cohere conferences.

A fun and playful brand which embodies the creative spirit of art and design

Document design
Website portal design
Social asset
Checkout design
“I was blown away by the work produced. I asked for a simple branding and they provided an indepth, carefully considered and polished brand. I was absolutely amazed."
Ryan Milligan Director

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