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Padel T logo

Padel Tennis is a vibrant, social game filled with energy. We set about creating a logo and brand identity that reflects this playful nature.

A bright and playful brand with a subtle nod towards the sport

Paddle T icon
Banner design
Colour assets
Padel T brand guidelines
Website design
Icon assets
Website design

Using greens and neon yellows associated with Tennis, we built up a robust colour system that resonates with the audience.

A bright and bold colour system that reflects the colours involved with Padel Tennis

Website design
Icon assets
Paddle T typography
Paddle T tote bag design

The playful nature of the game was central to our thinking when developing the brand

Typography design
See you on the court infographic
Website design
“FullSphere crafted a fun brand that perfectly reflects who we are. A great team to work with.”
Nick Davies Director

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