Adam Yates
5 minute read

How can Pay-Per-Click (PPC) help generate sales?

Pay-Per-Click, also known as PPC, is a great way to help generate sales. PPC gives you the opportunity to directly target users who are actively looking in show interest in your product or service.

One way of bringing in more customers is with Paid Search. Paid Search is a form of digital advertising which uses search engines such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads (Bing), Yahoo, etc. This method of marketing allows you to appear on searches, which increases the traffic to your website. When targeted to your demographic, it helps generate sales and leads. A lot of business owners are not taking advantage of this revenue stream, which can be very lucrative, especially when the campaign is fully optimised.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping allows you to display pictures of your products to pull the audience in. The choice of image with Google Shopping affects the amount of clicks drastically. Making sure you have a high resolution photos of the product is important. Product titles and descriptions also play a huge part in reach and targeting. A product with a limited description which doesn’t accurately describe the product or contain keywords which a user will search for will really struggle to rank or appear in search results.

Social Media

Social media may also be used as an additional source of customer acquisition. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Reddit are great for really drilling down into consumer based audiences, where as LinkedIn is best suited for B2B services or products.


Retargeting your existing client base is an extremely cost effective way of bringing customers back. Its typically a practise which is overlooked by many businesses. Retargeting can be used across Paid Search, as well as social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, LinkedIn, the list is endless! We can create campaigns, marketing materials and things to retarget your customers with.


There are lead generation companies that typically sell the same leads to multiple companies. Generating your own leads by deploying a PPC campaign is more valuable, even if that is with assistance from a marketing agency.

At FullSphere you would be working closely with a dedicated team of PPC experts. We offer advise and free audits across your campaigns. With over 20 years of industry experience we help to deliver results.

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