How can Design convey reliability and trust?

Typically brands want to be trusted and reliable. Achieving this can be tricky, in this blog we will explore how reliability and trust can be reflected through Design and Branding. Ideal information for anyone thinking about building and re-enforcing a brand.



Font sizes and weights need to be consistent. If something is consistently, the same format, typographically speaking, it will subconsciously remind the viewer of its reliability and trust. With a consistent font you appear to be stable and grounded in what you are saying. It can be the difference between a loose and confused Branding to something more concise and structured. It also amplifies any level of organisation, and shows that your message is like your type; to be trusted.




Different industries and businesses will be synonymous with various different colours.

Consistent use of colour is paramount for any Branding, making sure that your RGB colours match as closely as they can for print and Pantone. Consider the colours in the buttons and call to actions. Green buttons are associated with reliability and trust, which can encourage purchasing, red tends gives a sense of urgency, great for pushing impulse buying.

You can read more about colour phycology and how it can effect your brand here.




Having a striking logo is key. Something that grabs the attention of the viewer. A symbol means everything, one image to represent the entire brand is incredibly important, so it needs to be done right.

Font expresses meaning, feelings and provokes emotions. For example, if you have a food brand, you may want to use big capital letters in the logo with a chunky font so that there are associations with feeling full and big portions that can be symbolised in the font choice, whilst with an elegant pen brand you may want to use a slick, handwriting typeface.

There’s lots to consider when designing a logo, but having a symbol that means something to the core of the business strikes to the heart of your audience.




People will be visiting your website first and foremost. All marketing collateral should match your Branding and tie together as a complete family.

If someone is looking over your PDF proposal and they follow a link onto your site, the Branding matches and all feels like it has come from the same place.

These sort of simple marketing strategies will help in terms of building trust, reliability and familiarity.




Written by

Joe Britch

Creative Director

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