The difference between Branding and Marketing

A lot of the time businesses rush their Branding and quickly begin Marketing without careful thought or consideration, meaning your idea is not living up to its full potential. However, when both are carried out correctly, your business will have the best possible chance of being a success from the beginning.



Both Branding and Marketing have similar goals; to promote your message, product or service to attract new customers. Fundamentally, Branding is the look and feel of your business or product, Marketing is how you sell this product.


Branding can be difficult, we know it when we see it, but creating a compelling brand that also has an idea behind it can be hard. Subtle associations with colour or choice of font can help people relate to what you’re selling, for example, if you’re selling Bananas, you may want to adopt a black and yellow colour theme. We could also apply this thinking to shapes used for the brand, bends that resemble and remind people of the bends in bananas could be used to build the brand. Ultimately, we want to grab attention and embolden curiosity.

Your Branding strategy should be built around solidifying your credibility both online and offline to nurture customer loyalty. If someone is looking over your proposal and they follow a link onto your site, the Branding should match and feel like it has come from the same place. These sorts of simple techniques will help in terms of building both reliability and trust.

To build up this reliability and trust we need to pay attention to a few brand elements, font sizes and weights need to be consistent. If something is consistently, the same format, typographically speaking, it will subconsciously remind the viewer of its reliability and trust. With a consistent font you appear to be stable and grounded in what you are saying. It can be the difference between a loose and confused branding to something more concise and structured. It also amplifies any level of organisation and shows that your message is like your type; to be trusted.

You can learn more about how Design can convey trust here.


Marketing can be confusing and complex, there are many channels such as Social Media, Paid Media, Search Engine Optimisation, Email Marketing, it can be overwhelming sometimes, but if you know how to use each channel effectively, you can make any business a success.

Your business will dictate your Marketing strategy. Business to Business (B2B) strategies are very different from Business to Consumer (B2C). A lot of the time and consumers are best targeted using Social Media, or Google Ads, where as B2B companies may find they have much more success with Email Marketing. This is a broad analysis and these kinds of strategies should be tailored specifically to your business and the way you operate, meaning just because it works for one business doesn’t mean it will work for yours.



Branding should always be carried out first, Marketing second

Without a good brand, Marketing is wasted. You are not achieving your full potential, yes, we all see badly branded businesses being successful, but imagine how successful they could be if they had their Branding set up correctly. Things that look good are naturally easier to sell, easier to generate interest and easier to expand on. Branding is vital for any business even if you are not customer facing, you should appear the best you possibly can do, to help increase your chances of a successful business.

We always start with Branding before Marketing. Define, develop, and nurture your brand and your marketing will get the best possible results. No matter where your business is at, you’re always going to be working on defining who you are as a company, shaping your perception with audiences and creating a deeper more meaningful relationship with customers. As your business continues to grow you will also need to develop and evolve your Branding alongside of it.

Written by

Joe Britch

Creative Director

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