Adam Yates
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The success story of Innovation Agri-Tech

In the evolving landscape of agriculture, companies are continually pushing the boundaries of innovation to meet the growing demands of a global population. One such pioneer is Innovation Agri-Tech (IAG), a forward-thinking vertical farming company that has not only embraced cutting-edge technology but has also successfully secured over £35.4 million in investments.

This case study delves into the journey of IAG, from its inception to its remarkable achievement, exploring the revolutionary aeroponic vertical farming systems and the strategic approach they employed to attract significant funding.

The visionary beginning

IAG was founded with a clear mission: to revolutionise traditional agriculture through the development and implementation of world-class aeroponic vertical farming systems. Unlike conventional farming methods that are susceptible to climate fluctuations, seasonal constraints, and dependency on arable land, IAG aimed to create a sustainable and locally viable solution for consistent, high-yield crop production.

IAG’s patented aeroponic technology sets them apart from conventional farming practices. Instead of soil, plants are grown in a nutrient-rich mist, allowing for precise control over the growing environment. This not only maximises crop yields but also minimises resource usage, making the process more environmentally friendly.

Vertical farming involves stacking crops in multiple layers, optimising the use of vertical space. IAG’s systems take advantage of this efficiency, enabling higher production in smaller footprints compared to traditional farms. This not only conserves land but also reduces the need for extensive transportation of produce.

With IAG’s technology, the company has successfully eliminated the seasonal limitations that plague traditional farming. By creating a controlled indoor environment, crops can be grown year-round, providing a consistent and reliable food supply irrespective of external weather conditions.

Banging the drum for investment

Pitch deck design for investment

Investment Memorandum: IAG’s Investment Memorandum outlined their vision, technology and the potential impact on the agricultural industry. It highlighted the sustainability, scalability and profitability of their aeroponic vertical farming systems. The presentation effectively communicated the value proposition, showcasing how IAG’s innovation addressed critical challenges in traditional farming.

Investment data portal

Investment Portal: Recognising the importance of transparency in attracting investors, FullSphere built a website portal, an online platform which allowed potential investors to access sensitive financial documents, detailed business plans and other information necessary for investors. The portal streamlined the on-boarding process, making it easy for investors to instantly access any information required.

The success story

The success story of IAG culminated in a significant achievement – securing over £35.4 million in private investments and grants.

The infusion of capital came from a combination of venture capitalists, strategic partners, and environmentally conscious investors who saw the potential of IAG’s revolutionary approach to agriculture.

Additionally, recent infusion of capital from The Wolfson Foundation enabled the development of an indoor crop growth facility, the Smart Technology Experimental Plant Suite (STEPS), at Essex’s Colchester Campus. This collaborative venture emphasises the convergence of cutting-edge technology and sustainable agriculture practices, further solidifying IAG’s position as a leader in the agriculture space.

Investment growth from Pitch Deck & Investor Portal


IAG’s journey from a visionary concept to a well-funded and globally recognised vertical farming company showcases the power of innovation and strategic investment. Their aeroponic vertical farming systems not only address the challenges of traditional agriculture but also set a benchmark for sustainability and efficiency in the industry.

With over £35.4 million in investments, IAG is well-positioned to continue revolutionising agriculture and contribute to a more sustainable and food-secure future. As the world looks towards technology-driven solutions for global challenges, IAG stands as a testament to the impact that forward-thinking companies can have on shaping the future of our food supply.

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